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Vink Calving Jack Standard

Vink Calving Jack Standard

Item: Vink Calving Jack Standard

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  • Information
  • A stainless steel calving jack for safe and humane birthing assistance
  • Hangs-on to the cow whether shes is standing or goes down in the middle of the job
  • Acts as a steady and fixed base from which the calving jack tilts and pulls regardless of whether the cow stands, sits or stretches out


The Vink Calving Jack is made from stainless steel and very easy to use. Its unique design allows the rump frame to fit over your cow's hip bones and act as a solid base from which the calving jack tilts and pulls – whether she is standing or even if she goes down during calving.

Vink calving jacks are available in two pole lengths -  180cm - and come complete with a standard handle and two sets of soft ropes.

For larger beef animals there is the Beef Xtra calving jack with a zig-zag handle, heavy-duty 180cm pole and an enlarged rump frame. The zig-zag handle allows each leg of your cow to be pulled separately from one handle so the calf is pulled in a 'shuffling' motion.

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