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iLivestock Application

Allflex has been leading the livestock identification industry for over half a century. Our products incorporate the latest design technologies, materials and manufacturing processes to make Allflex tags the best selling tags in the world.

Specifically in the UK, any Allflex product in official or management markets is available to the farmer direct as well as through a strong network of distributors and agents. Our pricing strategy means the best product at the best price without hidden extras or complicated terms and conditions.

We have a class leading product choice for all livestock sectors. Allflex only sell livestock identification products so there is no compromise – our quality, service and reputation is based on the best tags – all day and every day.

Allflex “ULTRA” products are instantly recognisable as both visual or EID class leaders. A full range of sizes to cover all breeds and preferences. We are the only supplier to offer a full range of plastic visual, EID, metal and tissue sampling tags.  

Sheep & Goats
Complex rules need simple solutions so we listened to the breeders. We know and understand the differences between breed and end market so we have a choice of 4 sheep EID tags and 7 visual tags – Allflex don’t make one size fit all.

Dedicated tags for breeding sows in both visual and EID versions as well as class leading tattoo products for slap marking make us the sector leader

Applicators & Sundries
High quality, precision applicators and sundries to back up any tagging needs. If Allflex don’t offer it, you don’t need it!

Contact us with any question about livestock identification – we are pleased to help and advise on all matters.

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