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TST Plus Tissue Sampling Tag

Since 2016 Allflex UK Group Ltd have partnered with BVDFree England.

BVDFree England is an industry-led scheme designed to eliminate Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) from all cattle herds in the country by 2022.

What is BVD?

Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) is a highly contagious and costly disease of cattle.  It is caused by a virus and lingers in herds through Persistently Infected (PI) animals.  Signs aren’t always obvious and the financial impact on your herd is often hidden.

  • Reduced reproduction – early embryonic death, abortions, high rate of returns to service and extended days open can result from BVD infection

  • Reduced production – lower milk yields, poor growth rates and high cull rate

  • Secondary disease – Pneumonia and calf scours in youngstock and lameness and increased mastitis incidence in adults due to the BVD virus suppressing the immune system

Allflex UK Group Ltd proud to Support BVD Free England

The Allflex UK Group Ltd Team proud to support BVDFree England

Want to learn more about BVDFree? The links below contain useful information:

How can Tissue Sampling Tags help in the fight against BVD?

Allflex Tissue Sampling Tags (TST) can be used as part of an on-farm structured approach to eradicating BVD from your herd, and subsequently the national herd.

Cow with tags

BVD symptoms

Allflex tst information video

The above video was made in Germany. The Products and any printing shown in this video will differ slightly from UK products and Printing. See below for images of Allflex UK TST Products.

TST Plus logo

We offer TST+ which is an all in one solution for Tagging and Testing your herd. Prices start from as low as £5.45!

We have a selection of our TST+ products on our website and you can find them Here. We do not currently offer TST tags without a Test on our Website.

To order TST tags without a Test or to find out more information on our TST products you can:

Visit our 'Contact Us' Page and use our Find a Rep feature to speak to someone in your area about our TST products. Call our head office on 01207 523 175. OR fill in this Order Form and send us your order by Post, E-mail or Fax. You can find our Address and Fax on our Contact Us page, Fax and E-mail are also included on the order form.

The right applicator with the right tag
TST White Head Applicator

TST 'White Head' Tag

The Yellow & Black tag applicator will apply all Allflex TST tags. It can be 'adapted' using the pin unit supplied in the handle to apply the Ultra visuals.

Ultra Visual Black Head Applicator

Ultra Visual 'Black Head' Tag

The Flip Pin Universal Applicator & the (RED) Universal applicator can only apply the visual tags.

Do not use with TST tags.

From Tag to Test
Step 1

Apply the tags

As instructed on our User Guide.
Samples should be stored in a cool location out of sunlight. They can be chilled without harm.

Apply the tags step 1
Step 2

Post Samples

Please use the pre-addressed envelopes provided & include the sample return form fully completed. You should return any samples you have taken within 1 week.

Apply the tags step 2
Step 3


Results will be returned to you as quickly as possible for use by you and your vet.

Download TST Submission Forms :
Allflex TST Tissue Sampling Tag Submission Form 

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